Mike Jacobs works to expand the understanding and use of electric power storage systems to make the supply of electricity greener and more reliable.

He has worked with utility regulators and system operators for 20 years to expand the energy supply. Mike introduced merchant transmission to power system operators with TransEnergieUS and led the creation of the Transmission Committee at the American Wind Energy Association.

Mike worked with National Renewable Energy Lab in 2009-2010 as liaison between NREL and FERC.

He has served on the technical review committees for wind integration studies in the Upper Midwest and New England, as well as renewable industry advocacy boards in the Southwest and Midwest and the board of the Northern Maine Independent System Administrator.

Mike is now working to increase transmission for renewables with storage. His wind development work with First Wind in Hawaii includes two installed grid-connected battery storage systems. Read more about the project here (PDF)

He is at work on a book,
about the history and politics of the energy industry.

Sample of business cards
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  • Xtreme Power Business Card
  • AWEA Concord Business Card
  • UPC Business Card
  • NREL Business Card
  • TransEnergie Business Card
  • SecondWind Business Card
  • AWEA DC Business Card
  • Commonwealth of MA Business Card
Mike's blog, 'Energy Roller Coaster', can be found at blog.mikejacobs-energy.com There, you can find news, professional insights, and random thoughts.

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If social media isn't your style, Mike can also be reached at mike@mikejacobs-energy.com



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